AMD investors will get their day in court over Llano APUs

The topic of AMD stock has made the news, though not necessarily in the best of ways. AMD stockholders have started a lawsuit against the company and a group of its executives over the demise of Llano APUs. The court allowed the complaint to proceed as a class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that AMD leaders, including Rory Read and Lisa Su, made "false and misleading statements to investors about the manufacturing and subsequent launch of, as well as the demand for, its Llano microprocessor" back in 2011 and 2012. The plaintiffs allege that AMD and its management violated the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. A judge has decided that the claim has met the requirements to be considered as a class action lawsuit, though no further decisions have been made in the case.

The court indicates that anyone that purchased AMD stock between April 4, 2011 and October 18, 2012 is covered by the lawsuit. As usual, individuals that wish to pursue their own claims against AMD must ask to be excluded from the class-action suit.

We took a look at Llano back in 2011 and thought it promising. Its CPU cores didn't win any performance awards at the time, but the included Radeon IGP was suprisingly capable for an integrated solution, and heads-and-shoulder above Intel's solutions. All that graphical goodness apparently didn't translate into the expected sales figures, though.

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