Dr. Damage asks: High-res desktop LCDs?

I'm looking for one of those sweet, new high-pixel-density LCD monitors like you can find in laptops, but I need a desktop model. The LCD panel should have a native resolution of 1600x1200, and the screen should be no larger than about 18". So far, I'm flummoxed. I've found 20"-plus LCDs that can do 1600x1200, but nothing smaller. Any of you guys have any ideas?

It would be nice if the display quality were decent and if it didn't cost more than a Kia. Ideally, the display would have a VESA-standard base/mounting connector and built-in speakers. Even better would be an LCD panel that, like a laptop screen, has only a tiny bit of plastic surrounding it, so multiple LCDs could be arrayed together to operate as one big display.


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