Early Black Friday deals: Radeon RX 480 4GB and R9 Fury cards

'Tis the week for giving thanks, and AMD's board partners may give system builders something extra to be thankful for ahead of the Black Friday deals extravaganza. PowerColor and Sapphire have both aggressively cut prices on some of their graphics cards today, and those stickers are good through Saturday, according to Newegg.

  • PowerColor's Red Dragon Radeon RX 480 4GB card and its single-fan cooler are going for $169.99 on Newegg right now. In our recent GeForce GTX 1060 review, we found the RX 480 8GB to be a formidable opponent for the GeForce GTX 1060 6GB. Aside from the halved RAM capacity and slightly slower 7 GT/s memory compared to a reference RX 480 8GB, this RX 480 should deliver downright amazing performance for its price.
  • If you'd prefer more cooling power to go with your Polaris 10 chip, PowerColor's twin-fan Red Dragon RX 480 4GB has identical specs to the single-fan version above, and it's just $10 more at $179.99. Pick your poison.
  • Our recent testing also showed that the Radeon R9 Fury offers smoother gameplay than a GeForce GTX 1060 6GB card, so what could be better than a Fury at GTX 1060 6GB prices? Sapphire's R9 Fury Tri-X OC Plus card is going for just $259.99 right now, and a $20 rebate card could make it even more affordable if it plays out. So long as you're willing to tolerate this card's relatively high power draw and 4GB of RAM, the Fury can provide great gaming experiences at 2560x1440.

We'll be keeping an eye on deals around the web as Black Friday approaches, so stay tuned for more of our picks.

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