TR's Folding@Home team needs new blood—and you can help

Recently, I was browsing Twitter and came across a Tweet spurring the communities at two major tech websites to fire up their Folding@Home machines for some friendly competition. That Tweet made me think about our own position in the world of F@H. The Tech Report has a long history of Folding success, and the various participants contributing to Team 2630 have propelled us to a pretty astounding 22nd-place standing among all of the F@H teams out there.

Things aren't all rosy, though. According to our Extreme Overclocking stats page, Team Barnacules Nerdgasm will overtake us in just a couple of days. Team Tom's Hardware will race past us with a little under a week of production. Team AnandTech is just three weeks away from feeding us its dust. As TR's Editor-in-Chief, I'm not willing to stand by and let that happen—and it doesn't hurt that the more work we contribute to Folding@Home in the process, the more we advance the important research being conducted by that project.

Turns out that Folding@Home runs pretty well on GPUs, and if there's one thing I have extras of in my labs, it's high-end graphics cards. Behold my fully-operational battle station, comprising two GTX 1080s and a GTX 1070 (or three GTX 1080s, when I can spare one):

This little monster is good for a little over two million points per day. I also have a pair of GTX 980 Tis running at full tilt in my personal machine that are adding about 1.1 million points per day to my total. That's a lot of work units, but it's not nearly enough to stem the tide. I can't keep these machines running 24 hours a day, and my power bill will probably break me if I try.

Because this is a distributed computing project, TR needs your help to keep our pride intact in the vicious world of Folding@Home dominance. As we've already noted, a spare F@H-compatible graphics card will be the most helpful in getting our numbers up, but any hardware you can devote to the cause is appreciated.

Head over to TR's distributed-computing forum if you have questions, but really, all you need to do is install the Folding@Home client on your machine of choice and send its points to team 2630. Remember to only install the client on machines you own or on machines you have permission to yoke into F@H work. Thanks in advance for helping us further critical research and continue our winning ways.

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