Early Black Friday deals: we're thankful for all these cheap SSDs

Hello, gerbils! It seems that online retailers couldn't wait until Black Friday to get their grubby little hands on your credit cards and decided to start the onslaught a little earlier. We've gathered a bundle of SSD deals, all fresh from the oven. We've got regular SATA units and fancy PCIe drives for your pleasure.

  • Our headliner today is the Samsung 850 EVO 500GB, which Adorama is offering for a scant $129.99. That's right, one of the fastest SATA drives around, except it's selling for budget-drive pricing. This is also the cheapest price ever for this primo SSD. This deal is time-limited, so get yours while you can.
  • Next up, we have Intel 750 PCIe drives in their add-in card form. The Intel 750 is a monstrously fast SSD that was essentially pillaged from the the company's pile of datacenter-class storage. A five-year warranty and power-loss protection are the two cherries on top of the great flavors we have for you.
    • Fits everything and two kitchen sinks: Intel 750 AIC 1.2 TB for $649.99.
    • For all the games and then some: Intel 750 AIC 800GB for $529.99.
    • I like my system drive fast: Intel 750 AIC 400GB for $279.99.
  • Finally, we have some SSD storage that you can carry around. The Samsung Portable SSD T3 1TB has a USB 3.1 interface, can read and write at up to 480 MB/s, and it can be yours for $349.99. Samsung also throws in a code for the reportedly-good Watch Dogs 2. What's not to like?

That's it for SSDs, folks. If you come across some nice flash drive deals we happened to miss, don't forget to let your fellow gerbils know in the comments section below.

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