WideBeam Hybrid LED strips bring new spectra to your case

Getting the lighting right in a case mod can be a tricky task when working with just one color. What about when you want to introduce a whole new spectrum into the mix? Lighting up your case can get complicated fast, but CableMod's new WideBeam Hybrid LED strips should make mixing UV light and technicolor lighting into a build a bit more simple.

The Hybrid LED strips combine CableMod's existing WideBeam RGB LEDs with UV LEDs, putting both on the same lighting strip. With one strip of LEDs, you canĀ  only light up your case, but make the UV-reactive elements inside glow, too.

The WideBeam Hybrid LED strips come in 30- and 60-cm variants (11.8" and 23.6") that can be chained into longer strips and attached with 3M adhesive or embedded magnets. Like the original WideBeam strips, the lights get their juice through a SATA power connector. The 40-button RF remote control included with the set lets you control the lighting's color, intensity, and pattern.

The WideBeam Hybrid LED strips are available in CableMod's store, starting a $34.99 for the whole bundle including the remote and its receiver, or $24.99 for the strip of lights alone.

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