Antec budget CPU heatsinks look cool in shades of blue

— 1:00 PM on November 25, 2016

Antec may be best known for its cases, but the manufacturer has other product lines on offer, too. The company is launching an all-out assault on the budget CPU heatsink market with its A- and C-series coolers.

Antec A30

The A series comprises the A30 and A40 Pro heatsinks. The A30 is Antec's most affordable tower cooler. A 92-mm fan sits in front of an aluminum fin stack with two heatpipes running through it. The fan glows with a soothing blue light, too. The A40 Pro version steps up the game a bit by offering a "whisper-quiet" LED-lit PWM fan along with four direct-contact heatpipes to improve cooling performance. Antec says the aluminum-oxide coating on the top fin should help with heat transfer.

Antec A40 Pro

The C series is a tad more serious. The C40 cooler offers an 8-mm copper coldplate resting under a bulk of nickel-plated aluminum fins. Four heatpipes and a 92-mm blue LED PWM fan complement the package. Finally, the C400 model goes a little bigger with a 120-mm blue LED fan rated for 77 CFM, a copper coldplate, and a two-tier fin structure.

Antec C400

TechPowerUp says the Antec A30 should ring in at only 14€ (or around $15), while its heatpipe-endowed cousin the A40 Pro ought to retail for 25€ ($27). The copper-based C40 ought to set you back 35€ (or $37), and the C400 120-mm version will be available for 40€ ($42.38).

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