Comdex coverage coming up

TR will be covering Comdex from the show floor again this year. In fact, three of us are gearing up to head to Vegas tomorrow. We're anticipating a new product announcement from NVIDIA, loads of 845/DDR motherboards, hordes of wireless communications equipment and devices, and some new innovations in form factors for PCs, including the tablet PC (take two and call me in the morning).

Thanks to renewed security concerns and a nasty economy, this year's show may be a little smaller than years past. It's funny, though, how the dot-coms and e-commerce crazes explode on the scene as their proponents and hangers-on suggest the death of the desktop PC is imminent. Then the dot-coms and e-commerce crazes die off. This year, we'll be visiting many of the same PC-oriented companies who exhibited last year, plus some new ones. From what I've seen, for folks like us who are most interested in personal computing, this year's Comdex promises to be as good as ever.

If you happen to be attending Comdex and would like to catch up with the TR crew, drop me some mail and let me know. Otherwise, check back here all week for our ongoing Comdex coverage.

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