Inno3D straps a liquid cooler on a GTX 1060 because it can

This morning, we opened the hardware book on the "glorious excess" page. Today's edition comes from the fine folks at Inno3D, who decided the best way to make a GTX 1060 was to strap both air and liquid cooling to it. Meet the Inno3D iChill GeForce GTX 1060 Black.

The card itself is a beast, taking up two and half slots. Its exact dimensions are 10.5" long (26.6 cm) and 3.9" (9.8 cm) tall. The bulk of the card comprises an Arctic Cooling Accelero Hybrid liquid and air cooling combo. The heatsink underneath the shroud dedicates a generous portion of its area to cooling the card's VRMs. An 80-mm semi-passive fan helps to shove air through them, while GPU cooling duties are handled by the CLC.

The card is powered by a single 8-pin power connector, and the LED-lit logos change color according to GPU load: soothing blue for idle operation, confirmation green for "low-power gaming," and furious red when the card is going full-tilt. Inno3D says the card's GPU goes from 1569MHz base to 1784MHz boost clocks, and that the VRAM is clocked at 8.2 GT/s. There's no pricing information, but we'd expect this particular GTX 1060 to go for a pretty penny.

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