Riing RGB Radiator Premium fans bring the IoT to the PC

If you're going to go with RGB-illuminated case fans, you might as well see how far the rabbit hole goes. Thermaltake's Riing LED RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition spinners certainly dig that hole a little deeper. The Riing fans are available in 120mm and 140mm sizes and combine two of 2016's biggest technology buzzwords: RGB LED lighting and the Internet of Things. Thermaltake also offers a Riing kit including three fans and a Wi-Fi-enabled fan hub that lets users control the fans with their PC or mobile device.

The Riing fans have Thermaltake's patented RGB LED ring illumination that the company says delivers uniform color and brightness. PWM control allows the fans to spin between 500 and 1400 RPM. The fans can light up in one of 256 colors, or can cycle through shades randomly. Thermaltake uses a hydraulic bearing in an effort to cut down on noise and increase the motor's lifespan. The fan frame has rubber pads to reduce the transfer of vibrations to the PC chassis.

The real magic is in the WiFi-enabled fan hub and the associated software. Each hub can control three fans. Up to sixteen hubs can work together to allow the software to address up to 48 fans. Thermaltake's Riing RGB control software is available for Windows, and a mobile version is available for iOS and Android. The Wi-Fi connectivity allows users to control fan color, illumination pattern, and fan speed via the host PC's Riing software or the mobile app. The fan hub accepts PWM fan speed instruction from the host PC's motherboard, or users can choose to override the PWM input and control fan speeds directly via the included software. The mobile app also allows the fans to pulse with the beat of music playing on the phone or with any audio signal picked up over the phone's microphone.

Thermaltake did not provide pricing or availability information, but the company's existing kit with three 140-mm RGB LED fans and a non-Wi-Fi-enabled controller sells for $68 on Amazon.

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