AMD will explore New Horizons and Zen CPUs on December 13

AMD has a new page up with a countdown to December 13. On that day, we'll be treated to a web-show called "New Horizon" where the company will give the first public demonstration of Zen silicon in a gaming context. Tortilla-chip pontiff Geoff Keighley will be hosting, and pro gamer Peter "ppd" DagerĀ (of American e-sports group Evil Geniuses) will be on hand to give the new chip a workout.

If early reports are to be trusted, it's possible that Intel's upcoming Kaby Lake processors may not make a huge performance leap over the company's current-generation Skylake chips. That situation could leave AMD in a prime position to capture a fair bit of new-CPU hype at CES 2017. Zen benchmarks, both leaked and official, show the upcoming "Summit Ridge" processors competing well with Intel's many-core Xeons.

New Horizons will be the first time anyone has had the opportunity to test the processors' gaming performance, though. Not only is that metric much more relevant to a typical user's workload, it's also a specific point of interest given the poor single-threaded performance of AMD's Bulldozer-family chips. Only time will tell whether AMD will go so far as to trumpet its chips' 99th-percentile frame times on stage, but we'd take odds on it.

AMD is calling the show an "exclusive advance preview." True to that name, AMD is asking folks who want to watch to sign up on its site for a slot ahead of the event. We'll be there with some bags of Doritos in tow on December 13.

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