AOC P2779VC monitor juices up phones without the wires

Once upon a time, LCD monitors with accurate colors and wide viewing angles were the exclusive purview of professionals and nerds. These days, there's not much reason to buy a TN monitor if you don't need blinding-fast refresh rates. That fact rings especially true in the face of new displays like AOC's P2779VC. This 27" monitor uses a 1920x1080 PLS panel with true 8-bit color, and includes Qi wireless charging functionality in its stand.

How many gerbils set their phone on their monitor's base when they start working? How convenient would it be if doing so charged your phone? I use a USB port on my monitor to charge my phone already, but the P2779VC's wireless charger could reduce the clutter on my desk by one more wire. AOC says the wireless charger is known to work with many phones from Samsung, Google, Motorola, and Nokia, among others.

As a monitor, there's not a lot to say about the P2779VC. That also means there's not much to complain about, either. AOC claims the usual 178° for both horizontal and vertical viewing angles. The company also lists a maximum brightness of 300 cd/m², which is bright enough for most people's needs. The resolution is a little low for a 27" monitor, but it should at least ensure the legibility of tiny text without the need for software scaling.

Perhaps most importantly, the P2779VC is quite affordable in light of what it brings to the table. AOC says the new monitor will be available at US e-tail shops in December for $249.

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