Enermax Revolution SFX PSUs offer efficient power in a tidy package

The Mini-ITX standard is great, and the reduction in power requirements and thermal footprint in even the fastest gaming graphics cards has been remarkable. But even with these advances, too many compact gaming systems are still built around miniscule motherboards in kind-of compact cases designed to fit full-fat ATX power supplies. Enermax's Revolution SFX 550W and 650W power supplies are designed to power the next generation of down-sized gaming rigs and high-end HTPCs with tidier external dimensions.

The Revolution SFX 550W and 650W units are both 80 Plus Gold-certified. Fully modular cables allow for reduced cable clutter inside the host system, while semi-fanless control keeps the PSU fan from spinning when the system's load goes below 30%. Enermax says its high-density PCB design and Japan-sourced capacitors allow the Revolution SFX power supplies to deliver output levels previously reserved for full-sized ATX units.

Owners of Mini-ITX cases originally designed for ATX PSUs aren't left stranded, either. Enermax includes an SFX-to-ATX adapter in the box, along with enough sleeved, modular cables to fully populate the power ports on the PSU. SATA and four-pin Molex power cables are supplied in 5.9" (or 150 mm) and 7.9" (200 mm)) lengths in further effort to reduce the wire spaghetti so often found in tiny computers.

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