1. Electic Tech reports that some of's assets are up for sale,
    pirate raid nets fake Windows XP copies,
    and AMD & UMC will start a new chip fab
  2. Digit-Life's October mobile technologies & communications digest
    and October hardware digest: part II
  3. has Q3A patch for Windows XP
  4. Electic Tech has Windows XP ISO burner PowerToy
    and NEC-VIA Apollo AC97 PCI driver v5.12.3030

  1. The Inquirer comments on some Hammer diagrams (thanks billb)
  2. The Triple Helix has Athlon XP 1800+ giveaway
  3. Hardware-TEST reviews Shuttle AK31 v3.1
  4. VIA has Mini-ITX motherboard images (thanks dakar)
Multimedia and cooling

  1. LinuxDevices on Sharp Zaurus Linux PDA (thanks ---k)
  2. X-bit labs looks at NVIDIA Quadro DCC and GeForce3 in 3ds max 4
  3. Unique Hardware reviews Akasa 90cm rounded cables
  4. 3dGameMan reviews Magic-I mini data bank
  5. RipNet-UK reviews Dr Thermal TI-77V cooler
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