Poll: Did you buy into the world of VR this year?

2016 is the year that VR took off, at least if you listen to the companies making VR headsets. The Oculus Rift rolled in on a tsunami of hype rivaled only by that of the HTC Vive. AMD and Nvidia are both devoting substantial effort to accommodating the needs of VR rendering in their products, and pretty much every PC maker is catering to aspiring gogglenauts in one way or another.

Those developments don't even begin to consider the apparently-burgeoning PlayStation VR, the countless snap-in mobile VR headsets, and prototype standalone goggles from Intel and others. Given the Cambrian explosion of VR devices and supporting hardware, it's hard to declare a "winner" in the VR ecosystem, if there's even a single victor to be declared at all.

One thing we don't have yet is a detailed picture of just how many of those VR headsets, premium or otherwise, have moved off store shelves. HTC and Oculus have both made only oblique statements about how many of their systems have sold. Mobile VR systems like Samsung's Gear VR and Google's Daydream are expected to move millions of units over time, but those goggles are still in their nascency, as well. With that uncertainty, we turn to you, TR reader, to tell us about the degree to which you've bought into the VR revolution.

Did you get a free Gear VR with your latest cellphone purchase? Did you buy a brand-new PC to power your Rift or Vive? Or are you happy with a good old flat screen for your entertainment? Let us know using the poll options below.

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