Seagate Duet portable drive reaches for the clouds

Between the proliferation of cheap eMMC storage devices, crazy-fast NVMe SSDs, and cloud backup services, users' interactions with platters of spinning rust is increasingly uncommon. Seagate has been straddling the gap between hard drives and SSDs for a while with its hybrid disk drives. Now, the company's Duet portable drive bridges the divide between local storage and the cloud. The Duet offers a 1TB capacity with a twist: software that automatically uploads the drive contents to Amazon's Drive cloud storage platform, along with a one-year unlimited-storage subscription to the service.

The drive's tidy 0.4" x 3" x 4.5" (10 mm x 76 mm x 114 mm) dimensions indicate that the plastic enclosure likely contains a 2.5" drive. Seagate didn't specify any performance metrics for the Duet, but we expect it to fall in line with most external 2.5" hard drives. The overall design is plain, with the exception of the grippy-looking S-shape molded into the bottom of the casing. The Duet slurps up data from its host device with a USB 3.0 port.

Amazon is taking preorders for the Seagate Duet 1TB at $100, and Seagate expects to begin shipping the drives on December 10. The cloud backup service normally runs $60, so the combo of the service and the physical drive for one portrait of America's greatest statesman seems like a decent deal. Existing Amazon Drive customers that buy the duet don't get the one-year-free offer, though. Seagate covers the Duet with a two-year warranty.

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