WD unveils a raft of HGST enterprise storage products

Western Digital unveiled a raft of HGST-branded enterprise storage products today, including a range of NVMe PCIe drives, high-capacity 2.5" SAS SSDs, and 3.5" SAS hard drives. Keep in mind, these goodies are meant for high-end datacenter operators. Mere mortals will have to wait a while for this kind of performance to trickle down. 

The scene-stealing Ultrastar SN200 NVMe drive is available in capacities from 800GB all the way up to 7.68TB. The company claims the drives can do up to 1.2 million IOPS in what it calls "key workloads," and a more concrete 560K IOPS in a mix of 4KB reads and writes. We're guesssing those figures apply to the models with the larger capacities. WD says the new drives posess twice the sequential read speed and 61% higher random read performance when compared to the company's previous NVMe drives. The SN200 will be available as a half-height, half-length PCIe card, and as a 2.5" drive.

Meanwhile, the HGST Ultrastar SS200 SAS SSDs are available as 2.5" drives with capacities from 400GB all the way up to 7.68TB, but utilize a 12Gbps SAS interface instead. The drives come in two rated endurance levels. The entry level models are rated for one drive write per day over the drive's five-year lifespan, while the higher tier is rated to handle three drive writes per day for the same half-decade period.

Spinning rust isn't giving up the cost-per-gigabyte crown to silicon-based storage anytime soon, though. WD unveiled the He12 12TB drives aimed at the most data-hungry enterprise pack rats. The company's fourth-generation helium-filled hard drives use eight platters and shingled magnetic recording to pack 12TB into a 3.5" drive bay. He12 drives will be available with 6Gbps and 12GBbps SAS interfaces. WD says that 14TB versions will come next year, too.

WD is currently sampling all products to select OEM partners. The company expects to be shipping all these products in the first half of 2017, except for the 14TB He12 hard drive, which will arrive a few months later. There's no word on pricing, but given the markets these drives are aimed at, we expect the stickers to have large numbers on them.

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