Scythe Mugen 5 clears room for memory modules

The Venn diagram of Japanophiles and PC enthusiasts probably has a sizeable intersection. Scythe has updated its popular Mugen CPU cooler for the residents of this middle area. The Mugen 5 has a revised asymmetrical design with clearance for memory modules. The cooler comes fitted with Scythe's PWM-controlled 120mm "Kaze Flex" fan.

The Mugen 5 heatsink weighs in at a motherboard-flexing 31.4 oz (or 890g) and measures 5.12" x 6.08" x 4.33" (13cm x 15.5cm x 11cm) with the included fan. The included metal "Hyper Precision Mounting System II" retention mechanism is compatible with Intel desktop sockets all the way back to LGA 775 and AMD sockets as old as AM2. Six canted heatpipes funnel heat away from the copper base into the aluminum fin array. Users can add a second fan to the Mugen 5 in a push-pull configuration, since Scythe helpfully includes an extra fan clip.

The Kaze Flex fan's speed can vary from 300 to 1200 RPM, and Scythe says its can push from 16.6 to 51.2 CFM or air. The company says the proprietary sealed fluid bearing in the fan endows the fan with an MTBF of 120,000 hours (or 13.7 years). The Mugen 5 cooler is available now in Europe for 40.50€ (around $45).

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