Zadak511 SSDs and RAM promise wireless RGB LED tweaking

A number of other technology news websites are reporting on "wireless" RGB LED-illuminated SSDs and memory modules from a brand known as Zadak511. The DDR4 memory modules and dual-interface SSDs are festooned with RGB LEDs, and the light show on these devices can be controlled through the company's "ZArsenal" software without any external cabling. No additional details were provided, because none are needed. These are DIMMs and SSDs with customizable lighting, after all.

TechPowerUp caught a glimpse of Zadak511's products at Computex back at the end of May. The company showed off DDR4-3000 memory modules at that time, and it also hinted at future DDR4-4266 products. Zadak511 also showed off three different SSDs with integrated RGB LEDs. The drives had SATA connectors for data and a USB connector for lighting control. The memory modules TPU saw did not feature LED illumination, so it's unclear just how the ZArsenal software directs the memory modules' lighting.

In light of the information vacuum surrounding its products, it's worth taking a couple of minutes and marveling at the majesty of Zadak511's website. The company's Product and Support pages are mere placeholders, but the Brand Story page says: "The name ZADAK originated from a parallel universe where power can be expanded endlessly. 5.10 is adopted as the highest level of rock climbing. 5.11 goes beyond the highest level which demonstrates 'reaching the extreme.'" Perhaps the company blew its website budget producing the dubstep-backed looping video of industrial sparks and shirtless men flexing muscles.

Given the text of its press release and its description of itself on its website, we're honestly not convinced that Zadak511 isn't an elaborate troll on the PC hardware industry. Perhaps time will dispel that notion, but in the meantime, we're left scratching our heads.

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