Raidmax Alpha case comes with an integrated rainbow

Raidmax is offering up a new chassis called the Alpha. The case ticks the "2016 gaming PC case" checklist with RGB LED lights and its ability to swallow radiators and other water-cooling components. There's a twist, though—the Alpha comes from the factory with RGB LED strips sitting behind a perforated metal front grill. Neat freaks will also appreciate the case's power supply shroud, ample cable management nooks, and the removeable frontal dust filter.

The Alpha is available only in black, but the included RGB LED strips can light up in any of 20 colors or 22 dynamic lighting modes. Radimax includes an RF remote so that users can set up the blinkenlights without having to touch the case itself. The perforated front panel can accomodate two 140-mm fans, three 120-mm spinners, or a radiator as large as 360 mm. The top section supports the same fan configurations as the front panel, though radiators won't fit. One 120-mm or 140-mm fan can fit in the Alpha's rear panel. The case's exterior dimensions ring in at 17.7" x 8.25" x 18.5" (or 45cm x 21cm x 47cm).

The Alpha's interiors include a power supply shroed and a number of channels and holes for all those pesky cables that might otherwise impede a view of high-end graphics cards through the case's large side window. For storage purposes, the chassis sports a pair of 3.5" internal bays that can be put to work housing 2.5" storage devices. A single 5.25" bay is provided for the old-timers that can't let go of their optical drives. There's no word on pricing, but Raidmax's offerings aren't known for being terribly expensive.

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