We have a winner in our limited-edition Corsair RM1000i giveaway

Well, time's up. We're giving away Corsair's gorgeous limited-edition RM1000i PSU in white, in exchange for the 10 best and funniest reasons why the winner should get it. We had well over a hundred entries, but alas, there's but one power supply to offer. And the winner is... our forum old-timer "deruberhanyok," whose username is either an onomatopoeia for a sneeze or some sort of insult in a foreign language. Here are his or her 10 reasons reproduced in full:


1: I'm so tired of all of these PC peripherals being red and black.
10: This unit is black and white. 2 in binary is 10. Only 2 colors, and you want 10 reasons why I should have it. Coincidence?
11: Yes but, why not just make 2 louder?
100: Each unit is individually numbered, sure, but I'll give mine a name!
101: I'm a big fan of Corsair, and it's got a big fan by Corsair. We're practically brothers, and you wouldn't want to separate family, would you?
110: Who are you people? How did you get into this obviously private thread between me and Jeff?
111: Half-Life 3 confirmed!
1000: 1000 watts would be enough to make the whole PC glow, but I'm sure that's harmless as long as I'm not sitting on it.
1001: Arabian nights?
1010: Wait, 10 reasons I should win a RM1000i... 1000...plus 10... 1010!  You set this whole thing up, Jeff! it's a self-perpetuating loop-


Creatively manipulating the rules but staying within the law? Check. Using binary? Please do. Using "10" a lot because of the base-2 numbering? Clever. Making us laugh? Sure thing! Turning it all into a program loop? Might as well go for the whole hog. Bonus Spinal Tap reference? Darn, kid, just take the power supply already, you've earned it.

There were other interesting entries, too. Neutronbeam made us chuckle with his style of self-deprecating humor, quaz0r went into computer mode, and SecretSquirrel ran with the combined themes of gerbils and power. Great work, all.

Friend deruberhanyok, gaze at the power supply you will be getting in the mail soon, courtesy of the good folks at Corsair. Our biz man Adam Eiberger will be reaching out to you soon. Please respond within 72 hours, or you'll forfeit your prize and we'll have to pick another set of 10 reasons. Everyone else... cry some more.

As always, let's have a round of applause for our friends at Corsair putting this very-limited-edition power supply up for grabs. If you use social media, do Corsair a little favor and "like" the company's Facebook page and follow it on Twitter. Thanks to everyone that entered the contest.

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