Global VR Association hits the road with Sony and Samsung in tow

We reported on the founding of the Khronos VR Standards Initiative just yesterday. The big players in the PC VR space are present in Khronos' membership list, but Samsung and Sony were conspicuously absent. Given the comparatively lower entry price, Sony's PS4 VR console platform and Samsung's Gear VR mobile headsets are likely to be the gateway for many individuals' first experience with modern VR. Since today, though, those two Asian consumer electronics juggernauts are on board with the newly-formed Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), along with familiar names like Oculus, HTC, Google, and Acer. VR-newcomer Microsoft and HTC partner Valve are notably absent from the membership roll.

The GVRA says its mission is: "to promote responsible development and adoption of VR globally. The association’s members will develop and share best practices, conduct research, and bring the international VR community together as the technology progresses." The precise meaning of this vague statement is unclear, but the words "game" and "gaming" are not found anywhere on the Association's website. Instead, the terms "education, training, healthcare, and design" are used to describe VR's applications. Meanwhile, here's the obligatory XKCD reference.

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    • gc9
    • 6 years ago

    Sounds like they are not competing, but complementary, focusing on opposite sides of the market:

    Khronos is for software and hardware developers (cooperate to grow apis/technologies/content: producers)

    GVRA is for business developers, education, outreach (cooperate to grow uses/communities/markets: consumers)

    • GrimDanfango
    • 6 years ago

    In fact… forget the VR standard.

    • brucethemoose
    • 6 years ago

    I posted that XKCD comic in the Khronos article.

    Meanwhile, I think this one is more appropriate here:


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