Gigabyte XK700 keyboard will challenge your limits

Wake up, gerbils! It's time for your favorite: more RGB LED-equipped hardware news! Today's bit of blinky-flashy excess comes courtesy of Gigabyte and its new Xtreme Gaming XK700 mechanical keyboard. Like most new LED-infused mechanical keyboards, this specimen uses Cherry MX switches fitted in the German company's MX RGB housings. For this particular model, Gigabyte went with linear, non-clicky Red key switches.

The keycaps sit elevated from the aluminum faceplate somewhat, allowing the LEDs to illuminate both through and under the keys. Gigabyte specs this USB keyboard with the usual 1000Hz polling rate, and says it offers N-key rollover functionality.

The above specs are all fairly standard as these things come, but the XK700 has something that's not (yet) a run-of-mill feature: software-less lighting configuration. Like the Zalman ZM-K900M and Rosewill RK-9000V2 RGB keyboards that we reviewed recently, owners can configure the XK700's RGB LEDs without installing software on their PCs. Users will need to install Gigabyte's Xtreme Engine application to set up macros, though. All the settings go into the keyboard's 512KB of onboard memory, which Gigabyte says lets owners to save an "almost unlimited" number of profiles.

Gigabyte hasn't announced pricing or availability for the XK700 keyboard yet. Given the keyboard's build and feature set, we figure it's likely to ring in at a pretty penny.

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