AMD and Intel join forces for a bundle of hardware and games

Rumors of an allegiance between AMD and rival Intel concerning a future combination of the blue team's CPU technology and the red team's GCN graphics cores have been swirling around the internet over the last couple of days. We aren't so sure if there is a real fire generating all that smoke, but the companies are definitely teaming up for a holiday PC gaming promotion along with Newegg. From now until December 31, Newegg is offering Intel's unlocked sixth-generation Core i5-6600K CPU and MSI's Radeon RX 480 Armor 8GB OC graphics card in a significantly-discounted bundle that also includes free copies of both Doom and Civilization VI.

Newegg normally sells the Core i5-6600K for $240 and the MSI Radeon RX 480 Armor 8GB card for $260, though we should note the CPU was discounted to $220 the weekend of Black Friday. The retailer is cutting $50 off the total price and including copies of two Vulkan-powered titles: the revival of the classic FPS Doom and the sixth major entry in the long-running Civilization strategy franchise. The cherry on the top of this massive bundle is a $15 mail-in rebate on the graphics card, which can further sweeten up an already tasty deal.

The bundle is limited to two packs per customer, and only one of those is eligible for the $15 rebate. Head on over to Newegg now in order to get the $450 (or $435 after rebate) bundle delivered before the winter holidays hit.

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