Silverstone Nitrogon NT08-115XP cooler fits in nearly any case

Don't you hate it when you're wrists-deep in a compact build and realize your Intel stock cooler won't fit in the chassis? If that's the case, Silverstone's got your back. The company's new cooler in its Nitrogon series, the NT08-115XP, is just 1.3" (33 mm) tall and is ideal for super-compact builds, particularly those in Mini-STX size.

If you haven't heard about it, Mini-STX (also known by its dimensions, 5" by 5") is the smallest standard size for socketed PC motherboards. We previously saw Silverstone's Vital VT01 chassis for the diminutive form factor at Computex. That case will accept an Intel cooler—barely—but Silverstone wants to offer another option to folks who want improved cooling performance over the stock heatsink. The NT08-115XP uses a copper core to purportedly achieve improved thermal transfer in comparison to Intel's low-cost boxed cooler.

With that said, the NT08-115XP will actually hook up to any motherboard with an LGA-115x socket. If you're building a super-slim Sandy Bridge ATX rig, for example, you can still slap an NT08 on it. Just make sure the CPU you pair it with isn't too power-thirsty, since this cooler's diminutive size means it's only rated for CPUs with TDP up to 65W. That's still pretty impressive given the cooler's size, and it should even be enough to handle a brand-new Core i7-6700. Silverstone doesn't quite have the new cooler ready yet, but says it expects the NT08 to hit U.S. e-tail in the next few weeks.

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