Technology creates new ways to get beat up

Check out this article at which talks about a Casio watch that plays MP3's. The thing is "about the size of a large, sport-type men's wristwatch" (I'm pretty sure that's marketing-speak for "no bigger than a compact car") and comes with headphones. Casio claims it can store 33 minutes of CD-quality sound. Although the watch is obviously based on solid state storage, the article marvels that the watch is "designed not to skip, even if the user is running...." Do they want us to believe there's a tiny little CD player in there or something?

It's good that the watch has no moving parts, because if you can run with it you can at least listen to music while trying to escape the people who will surely try to chase you down and pummel you for wearing something so ridiculous. What is the point of this thing, anyway? It stores half as much music as a Rio-esque device, and with a Rio you don't have to worry about that pesky "watch with headphones makes you look like a dork" effect. They seem to tout the weight (70 grams) of the thing as an advantage. Umm, if the weight of a Rio is too much for you, you probably shouldn't be jogging in the first place.

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