Nvidia and Valve team up for a bundle of free VR games

Gerbils, we bring good tidings. Let's say you have plans to buy an HTC Vive. Assuming you do, and that you're also going to buy a desktop, laptop, or graphics card with a Nvidia GTX 1060, 1070, or 1080 GPU inside, you're in luck. The green has teamed up with Valve to offer three high-profile VR titles for the princely sum of zero dollars. The promotion applies to new purchases of a bundle including a headset and a high-end GeForce card or system, "at participating retailers, e-tailers, and system builders." So far, that means Microsoft and Newegg.

Let's take a look at the games on offer. Raw Data is a futuristic shooter made by newcomer developers Survios. The title has received high praise by players and press alike for both its action and ambience. Next up is Serious Sam VR, which really needs no introduction. Murder and mayhem all around you... literally. Finally, there's Sports Bar VR (known as Pool Nation VR on PC), which plays exactly like the name implies: players get a virtual bar with a selection of games like pool, air hockey, and darts. There's multiplayer support on tap, too, so you can play with your friends.

The full set of games would run you up a cool $100, but they're completely and totally free if you're covered by the promotion. When you get your coupon, you can redeem it easily at the GeForce site.

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