Adata Ultimate SU900 SSDs promise speed and durability

A while back, Adata announced the Ultimate series of SSDs as the 3D NAND-equipped versions of its budget Premier SSD series. We already reviewed the SU800 and found it to be a pretty good value, with strong real-world performance. Now, Adata has launched the Ultimate SU900, the high-end model in the series. The SU900 SATA SSDs take the same Silicon Motion 2258 controller present in the SU800s, but Adata pairs it with 3D MLC flash memory in order to achieve superior durability.

The drives will come in 256GB, 512GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities. Adata says the new drives should be capable of up to 800 TB of writes during their lifetime. That's quite the specification for a consumer drive like this, although if we had to guess, that figure is reserved for the highest-capacity 2TB model. The spec sheet says that the SU900s can manage up to 85K IOPS in 4K random reads and 90K IOPS in 4K random writes, which is pretty close to as good as it gets for SATA SSDs.

Adata hasn't announced pricing for the SU900 SSDs yet, but it does offer a five-year warranty on the drives. Meanwhile, SU800s are on sale at the 'egg: $69.99 for the 256GB model.

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