TR's 12 days of Christmas giveaways: it begins

Greetings, fellow gerbils. 'Tis the season of giving, and you know what that means: gifts for you. There were supposed to be three wise men, but since there are none to be found among the TR staff, you're unfortunately stuck with us. Common tradition also dictates the offerings should be given in reverence, but we also have our own standards to uphold, and so we shall be a little silly about it—for varying amounts of "a little."

The season's traditional offerings are of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Thankfully, the market for essential oils and aromatic resins is good enough that we were able to trade up to more appropriate gifts for geeks. Meanwhile, the gold was used to plate headphone jacks and USB cables.

"Shows ussss the gifttssss, preciousss," you say. All in due time, you little army of gerbil Gollums. First we shall tell you about the lands far and wide where we procured the goods. The case, cooling, and accessory experts at Antec, Zalman, and Arctic Cooling presented us with goodies. Adata and Toshiba OCZ's storage divisions have joined in on the festivities, too, and so did case and peripheral maker Rosewill. Not to be outdone by their peers, Corsair and Cooler Master joined in the fun, as well. No giveaway festival would be complete without G.Skill, of course. Finally, expert circuit-board handlers MSI, EVGA and Gigabyte all topped off our sleigh, which by that time was already teeter-tottering from the weight.

We have many presents of all sizes and shapes, so your odds of getting a hold of something are fairly high. And yes, since we know you absolutely love RGB LED keyboards, we got some of those, too! Here's a sample of the goods, because we're horrible teases around here:

One of the many sweet prizes that could end up under your tree

Throughout the next few weeks, we, the venge... er, merciful deities of hardware, shall be carefully doling out these gifts. Your prayers for grace may be answered, since some prizes will go to randomly-selected gerbils. But Santa's been paying attention to whether you've been naughty or nice, so your community involvement around here just might be rewarded. Don't despair, though: he's more easily impressed than Krogoth, and it's never too late to try to redeem yourself. Stay tuned to TR's front page for details, and be sure to sign up for the random draws we'll be doing.

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