Oculus splits into PC and mobile VR groups

Oculus co-founder Brendan Iribe has been with the company since its inception, having launched its original Kickstarter project alongside co-founder Palmer Luckey back in 2012. Now, with the Rift headset and Touch controllers on the market, Iribe is looking to get back to basics. The Oculus CEO announced on the company's blog this week that his charge will be splitting into separate PC and mobile groups, and that he'll be stepping down as CEO to "dive back into engineering and product development" as head of the PC division. Former Microsoft and Qualcomm exec Jon Thomason will lead the mobile side of things. Meanwhile, the search is on for a new leader for Oculus itself.

Iribe further explains that the rapid growth of VR forced Oculus to expand its scope in order to meet demand. That growth resulted in problems fulfilling Rift pre-orders, as well as the delayed release of the Touch controllers, which only appeared last week. Those delays ultimately caused the Rift to lose precious ground to the HTC Vive, which launched with room-scale VR support on day one.

According to Iribe, although Oculus' expansion was generally positive, it ultimately carried him away from the core aspects of the product he enjoyed working on most. Splitting Oculus into two focused groups could allow both sides of the company to flourish and better address the needs of their respective audiences. Iribe's newly-focused vision might mean smoother sailing for both the Rift and the technologies powering it.

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