Feel a wave of nostalgia with the Hyper Clack mechanical keyboard

Do you pine for the glory days of 16-bit gaming? Your newswriter here was a Sega kid, but if you're dearly missing the Super Nintendo, Hyperkin Labs has the keyboard for you. Named the "Hyper Clack Tactile Mechanical Keyboard," this USB mechanical keyboard uses Gaote Blue tactile keyswitches and comes in a retro-style color scheme that's reminiscent of the U.S. edition of the old Super Nintendo console.

Gaote is one of a number of smaller companies cloning the over-30-year-old Cherry MX design. Not to be confused with fellow MX-compatible switch builder Gateron, Gaote switches are relatively new in the wider keyboard market. Keyboards with similar Cherry switch clones like Kailh and Outemu have gotten favorable reviews, so we'd wager Gaote's take should be decent enough.

The front of the keyboard is host to an LED light bar that glows purple while the keyboard is in use. If nothing else, this thing's aesthetics should be a hit with the vaporwave kids. Pick up the Hyper Clack at Hyperkin's website for $100.

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