GeForce 376.33 drivers offer extra security to gamers

Nvidia's driver team has a fresh new release, but it doesn't include the usual grab-bag of optimizations and features. Instead, the GeForce 376.33 drivers focus primarily on security. This release fixes multiple low-level security vulnerabilities, including one that could allow a rogue piece of software to gain administrator access in Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 machines. Nvidia addressed a handful of other issues, including a video corruption problem that occurred when users attempted to watch two YouTube videos at the same time in the Chrome browser.

Other issues remain unresolved, like Dead Rising 4 crashing when launched with the low or medium graphics presets enabled.  Nvidia also disabled the SLI profile for Titanfall 2. Those giant robots were meant to be piloted by only one graphics card, it seems. You can grab the driver package right here.

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