TR's 12 days of giveaways: Antec goodies

Ho ho ho! That sound means the TR Santa is arriving, and he's got a lumpy, sort-of-squarish bag on his shoulder. Wait, he's getting closer... yes, that's correct, it looks like he's carrying a big box of some sort. He's stepping closer, a bit huffy, probably tired from all the exertion. He's dropped the bag on the snow with a thump and looks none too happy, so we'll just, uh, take it from here. Yes, thank you Santa, bye Santa, please don't put coal in our stockings.

Okay, let's open the bag. Ooh, what's this? Antec? That's always a good label to see on hardware. It's... a fancy-looking case, and a power supply! The bundle we have for you today hails from our friends at Antec, and it comprises a GX1200 mid-tower chassis and an Edge 750W power supply.

Let's check out the case first, shall we? The GX1200 (going for $90) can fit up to six 120-mm fans, and has radiator mounts at the front, top, and rear. Antec threw in a six-fan controller and three LED color controllers, which the company says can make the two included 120-mm RGB LED fans shine bright in seven colors and four different modes. There's a separate chamber for the power supply, and there's also a whopping 16.1" (or 41 cm) of room for enormous graphics cards. The front panel is a mesh grill, and the main air entry points have removable fan filters.

Meanwhile, the Edge 750W PSU (also $90) nicely complements the case described above. This is a modular unit with (you guessed it) 750W of total continuous power output, almost all of it across two 12V rails. The cabling is all modular, including the main motherboard connector, which makes the job of cleaning out a dusty PC a little bit easier. The fan is a 135-mm fluid-bearing model with LED lighting, and all the cables are flat, making it easy to twist and hide them away. You ensure your builds are tidy, don't you? As befits a meaty high-end PSU these days, the Edge 750W has an 80+ Gold efficiency rating.

We're contractually obligated to build suspense, so we're going to count down from a terabyte until we reveal the winner. All done? Great job, everyone. Aaaand the winner is... Anovoca, who's distinguished him or herself by making a lot of gerbils (and staff) burst with laughter with this joke posted in the Fury X review about Arkham Knight's 30 FPS cap. That was TR's highest-ever rated frontpage comment by a user. We don't know about you, folks, but we think a joke that gets such a good reaction certainly warrants these gifts. Anovoca, our producers will reach out to you soon so you can take Santa's bag.

Let's all have a round of applause for the kind souls at Antec. Be sure to follow the company's Twitter page, and add it on Facebook. And to everyone else, don't despair. Stay tuned, because there's another announcement around the corner!

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