LG's 32UD99 4K display with HDR10 support gears up for CES

CES is only three weeks away, folks, and tech companies are starting to talk about what they'll be showing in lovely Las Vegas. For its part, LG will be showing off the 32UD99, a 32-inch 4K IPS monitor that the company says supports the HDR10 display standard.

The HDR10 spec assumes that targeted content will use 10-bit color and the Rec.2020 color space. LG's press release does note that the display supports 10-bit color, but it can only reproduce "over 95%" of the narrower DCI P3 color space. That specification is impressive, but LG's own professional displays come even closer—up to 98% coverage of the same color space—so it's possible that LG may actually be aiming this monitor at prosumers. That notion is somewhat reinforced by the presence of built-in speakers and LG's claim that the display is "well-equipped" for HDR-capable game consoles.

LG says the 32UD99 gets its main video signal from USB Type-C, though it doesn't elucidate what other connections are available on the 32UD99. We imagine there's probably at least an HDMI 2.0a connector on tap. Like the LG UltraFine displays revealed alongside Apple's newest MacBook Pros, the 32UD99 can supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode, so it can use its USB Type-C port to charge a connected laptop while simultaneously receiving a 4K display stream. LG's press release is a little light on details, so we'll have to wait until CES starts rolling to find out more about the 32UD99.

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