TR's 12 days of giveaways: Adata super storage devices

Ho ho ho... and a bottle of rum after this, probably. These darn kids are making me come back day after day packing all this stuff. I swear, in all my years as a Santa, I've never had to deal with such incessant begging for computer parts. Back in my day, we'd be happy to get an abacus. On top of that, they want me to deliver this to... gerbils, of all things? What are they going to do with these, use those "chips" to make a nest? Whatever, I've given up on understanding today's youth. Things were simpler back then, I'd just fly around, deliver some wooden cubes with letters, and kick back eggnogg with Rudolph. There, the bag's down, it's their problem now.

[Camera pan]

Hello, gerbils! We see that Santa brought another bag for TR's 12 days of giveaways, but he apparently dropped it from quite a few hundred feet above. Good thing we prepared for this with the "X" atop the mound of snow, written in UV-reactive coolant. Let's see what today's goodies are! Okay, so these boxes are significantly smaller than the ones from yesterday. But as the saying goes, the best things come in small packages. We see an S, an H, a couple of Ds... That's right, this is Adata's pack with an SU800 256GB SSD, an HD720 500GB external drive (you back up your stuff, right?), a 32GB UE710 i-Memory pen drive, and a nifty Lightning cable. So much goodness, such small packaging.

The Adata SU800 256GB SSD (a $75 value) packs chips with Micron 3D NAND flash and is powered by Silicon Motion's SM2258 controller. It should prove more than a competent drive for any storage duties you care to throw at it. Meanwhile, the Adata HD720 500GB external hard drive (roughly $65) would look like nothing special by its name alone, but there's a trick to it. It's actually a rugged, water and dust-proof model capable of taking some knocks. Just the thing to carry in your laptop bag.

The Adata HD720 external HDD in all its glory

Adata has doubled down on the "take it with you" theme. The gift bundle includes a UE710 32GB flash drive (going for $50) with a Lightning connector opposite the USB port, for plugging it to your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. And to complement the package, Adata threw in one of its Lightning cables for charging and synchronizing iDevices (a $17 offer).

Our producers are telling us to kill some time before the reveal, so let's collectively wait until Nvidia supports FreeSync. All set? Good to see that's finally around. Today's lucky winner is the world..., er, gerbil neighborhood-famous Duct Tape Dude! Congratulations, buddy! You may not be all flesh and bones, but we don't judge here. Duct Tape Dude distinguished himself over the years by having the site's most worthwhile front-page comments. On average, each of his posts has an aggregate score of 4.85, making him our most valued article comments contributor. See, kids? Being Krogoth doesn't pay, after all! Our biz handler will be in touch with you soon.

As it should be with these giveaways, please make some noise for our generous friends at Adata. The company's been nothing but good to us, and it'd love it if you gave it a like on Facebook. A quick reminder to all the remaining sad gerbils: sign up for the random draws. One's about to come up very shortly, and certainly you don't want to miss out on the opportunity to get some free hardware. Here's a sneak peek of what's coming:

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