Verizon will kill the Note 7 after all

Samsung announced last week that it would be rolling out an update for the few remaining Galaxy Note 7 phones that would disable its wireless radios and ability to recharge. Verizon, after initially refusing to pass along the update to its customers, has now reversed its stance and will be rolling it out early next year on January 5, 2017.

Verizon originally refused to deploy the final phone-bricking update on the grounds that it could pose an additional risk to Galaxy Note 7 users that haven't yet switched, by potentially preventing those users from contacting emergency services and family during the holiday season.

Samsung collected 93% of the roughly 1 million Note 7 phones through its official recall, but it seems some owners have decided that keeping the phone was worth the risk. The manufacturer is making the update available on December 19, but each carrier has chosen their own date to push it out. T-Mobile is unleashing the killer patch just after Christmas on December 27, followed by AT&T and Verizon on January 5, and finally by Sprint on January 8.

If you're one of the few still hanging on to the Note 7 handset, the final countdown is ticking. Samsung's $100 credit offer when exchanging the phone is still available.

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