Beyerdynamic teases Custom Game and MMX300 headsets for CES

Beyerdynamic, the high-end headphone maker hailing from Heilbronn, Germany, has allowed a sneak peek at a pair of new gaming-focused headsets in advance of a formal unveiling at CES 2017. The Custom Game headset is a modular set of cans that appears to be focused at content creators who also game on their PCs, while the revised MMX 300 headset is more gaming-oriented and ready to use with PCs or consoles.

The Custom Gaming headset has a modular design with a detachable cord that integrates a microphone and a remote control. Owners can swap out that cable out for a plain version, transforming the headset into a set of headphones suitable for wearing while away from the computer. Each can sports a four-way switch that allows varying amounts of ambient noise to reach users' ears, while also tuning the bass response. The remote integrated into the cable assembly has a volume adjustment, a microphone defeat switch, and buttons that allow the user to answer phone calls when using a smartphone. Beyerdynamic says that customizable replacement parts like ear pads and cover rings will be available for years.

The second-generation MMX 300 exchanges most of the Custom Gaming's customizability for a more gaming-focused feature set. The MMX 300 has a detachable cable tipped with a four-prong terminal for use with a console controller or smartphone. PC gamers can double the 47" (1.2 m) cable length by using the included adapter cable that splits off into separate headphone and microphone jacks. Beyerdynamic says the headset's non-detachable microphone showcases the company's heritage making aviation communication equipment to deliver rugged durability, superior noise rejection, and high audio fidelity.

The Beyerdynamic Custom Gaming headset is expected to have an MSRP of 199€ (about $210). As for the MMX 300, the company's press materials regarding the MMX 300 list two different prices, so we've asked for clarification. Both headsets should be on store shelves in February.

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