Calyos takes Thermaltake Core P3 passive with NGS cooling kit

Remember that Thermaltake Core P3 wall-mounted case? The open nature of its design means it offered lots of airflow, which is exactly what you need for a purely-passive cooling system. Calyos is bringing its full silent-cooling expertise to bear on the Core P3 with a special "NSG" passive cooling module that attaches to the back of the workbench-like chassis. The company says the NSG module can dissipate up to a whopping 400W of heat.

Source: FanlessTech

Two cooling plates extend from the NSG cooling module, pass through the back of the Core P3, and attach to both the CPU and the GPU. A pair of heatpipe loops connect each cooling plate to the massive heatsink module. There aren't a whole lot of details about the kit yet, but Calyos said it'll be on display at CES. It'll be interesting to see if the Core P3 can still be wall-mounted with the Calyos NSG attached to it. Thanks to FanlessTech for the news tip.

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