Samsung Notebook 9 laptops are lighter than ever with Kaby Lake

Samsung announced yesterday that it's refreshing its flagship Notebook 9 laptops in 13" and 15" sizes with Intel's Kaby Lake processors, just in time for the new year. The machines offers up a new look this time around (compared to the version unveiled back in January), alongside a few other features in an otherwise-standard lineup refresh.

The new Notebook 9s are just a hair thicker than its predecessors, but the 13" model is now featherweight at 1.8 lb—about half a pound less than the previous version—while the 15" model slimmed down two-thirds of a pound to only 2.2 lbs. Meanwhile, the bezel around the screen is smaller than ever for the Notebook 9 series. Samsung says the display supports "HDR color," though we note that the quoted color gamut is 95% of the sRGB space instead of full Rec.2020 coverage. The company also added a backlit keyboard and a fingerprint reader to the new Notebook 9s.

The battery in the machines packs Samsung's Fast Charging tech, and a USB Type-C port allows for charging not just with the standard power cable, but also from a portable cellphone charger. While last year's model promised a questionably-attainable 12 hours of duration, Samsung has rolled back the 2017 Notebook 9's estimate to a more conservative 7 hours.

Information about pricing and release date isn't yet available, but with the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show just around the corner, it won't be long before the price tags pop up.

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