G.Skill Trident Z RGB LED memory shines bright

G.Skill has its ticket into the RGB-LED-illuminated memory party with the Trident Z RGB Series memory modules. The company says the Trident Z RGB DIMMs require "no additional power connections," though it doesn't mention precisely how the LEDs are controlled. Nevertheless, the results look fairly good as these things go. The DDR4 memory sticks will be available in speeds up to a massive 4266 MT/s.

The RGB LEDs are controlled by some means more complex than a switch on the modules. G.Skill says that the DIMMs will light up in a wave-style rainbow pattern by default, and that a future software release will enable additional lighting modes. The Trident Z RGB memory modules are built on a ten-layer PCB and are protected by a black anodized aluminum heat spreader. The modules have full support for XMP 2.0 for easy setup and overclocking.

G. Skill says its Trident Z RGB LED memory modules will be available world-wide in January, and that the control software is scheduled for release in Feburary. There's no word on pricing, but given the usual pricing of the speedy Trident Z DIMMs, we wager the RGB LED-lit version will ring in at a premium.

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