Radeon Software 16.12.2 smooths some wrinkles

The first update to AMD's Radeon ReLive software is here, in the form of the recently-released version 16.12.2. This new version can be described as a bugfix release, but in that regard, it's quite a big one. Major problems fixed include driver installation failures, issues with FreeSync on games in borderless fullscreen mode, and a problem with Chrome not being able to use accelerated VP9 decoding.

As you might expect, the ReLive streaming app had a few growing pains that the 16.12.2 release addresses. ReLive should no longer record videos with de-synced audio, and mouse movement should be smooth in recorded videos now. Instant Replay should enable itself again when it gets disabled by content protection, too. Multi-GPU configurations now ought to properly drop the non-primary graphics cards to low-power states when ReLive is enabled but not in use.

Of the outstanding known issues, the most pertinent is probably that games running in borderless fullscreen mode may still have flickering or crashing with FreeSync enabled if there are other applications running on the primary screen. CS:GO and World of Warcraft may flicker or run poorly in FreeSync mode when first launched, but AMD says an that a quick Alt+Tab to move in and out of the game should function as a temporary workaround. ReLive still has a few quirks, too. Check the full release notes if you want the the complete list of fixes, or go ahead and grab the latest release from AMD's download page.

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