Toughpower Grand RGB PSUs are colorful and affordable

Thermaltake loves to add RGB LEDs to computer parts. The company already offers a power supply with an RGB LED-illuminated fan inside it, but it's now bringing rainbow-lit PSUs to a more affordable price point with its new Toughpower Grand RGB series. The new power supplies are available in 650W, 750W, and 850W varieties. All mobiles sport 256-color Thermaltake Riing 14 140-mm fans, fully modular cabling, and carry 80 Plus Gold certification.

The Riing 14 fan inside the Grand RGB power supplies can shine in any of 256 colors, or one of five built-in lighting modes. The fan has a memory function, meaning it can save its color settings and ensure they persist between reboots. The fan has a hydraulic bearing for reduced noise, and it's mounted on the "top" panel of the PSU. Power supplies can be run in either orientation, but Thermaltake claims that having the fan facing the top can improve the thermals of hot components inside the PC case by up to 5.4° F (3° C). Injected rubber dampers on the corners should help reduce the transmission of vibration from the fan to the chassis. Users can press a button on the back of the PSU to engage "Smart Zero Fan" mode, which shuts the fan down when the load drops below 20%.

Thermaltake says the Grand RGB range uses 100% Japanese capacitors that can withstand temperatures up 105° C. Fully modular flat cables should help sell the Toughpower to those with an aversion to "ketchup-and-mustard" cabling. All Grand RGB units share the same 5.9" x 3.4" x 6.3" (or 15 cm x 8.6 cm x 16 cm) external dimensions.

Newegg has product listings for all three Toughpower Grand RGB power supply models, available for purchase starting on December 23. The 650W model will sell for $90, the 750W unit will be priced for $100, and the top-dog 850W model has a $120 sticker price.

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