Cherry silences the typing storm with Silent MX keyswitches

If you use a mechanical keyboard around other people, chances are you've gotten at least one complaint about the noise. If folks around you can't bear the tak-tak-takking of your flitting fingers, keep an eye out for keyboards using Cherry's Silent MX keyswitches. Formerly exclusive to Corsair's Strafe RGB keyboard, the switches are now openly available stateside in Black and Red varieties. They're also available with clear switch housings for LED-backlit keyboards.

Boards using Cherry MX keyswitches make up the majority of the mechanical keyboard market these days. There are several solutions for muting the cacophony that heavy-handed typists produce on an MX-equipped keyboard, like using shock-dampening rubber O-rings around the keystems. Cherry says its new silence solution is patent-pending and doesn't interfere with keystroke feel. Keep your eyes peeled for new finger-exercisers featuring the silent switches.

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