TR's 12 days of giveaways: Toshiba's big gift in a small package

Evening's greetings and all that, dear gerbils. As we're sure you're aware by now, it's that time of the day when we await with bated breath for another delivery from the TR Santa to offer to an unsuspecting (or expectant) gerbil. We have our cameras pointed at the sky and... what's that? Northern lights? But this isn't exactly the place to... oh, wait, the lights are resolving to what appears a bright circle with a Santa head outlined in the middle. This is eerily familiar, but we can't quite pin it.

We can spot the sled now, even in this dark sky. Santa apparently has a new paintjob, and he appears to have gotten himself a cape, too. The reindeer, meanwhile, all have dark leather armor, surely because of the cold. The sled's coming in pretty hot, though, and it's zipping past us! He's dropped a package, but it's actually attached to a parachute. When we said we wanted a surprise, maybe he misunderstood. Okay, let's see what's in that box over yonder. And it's... small, but certainly very enticing: a Toshiba OCZ RD400 512GB NVMe SSD! Great, now I have gift envy too.

TR reviewed the Toshiba OCZ RD400 SSD (a $330 value) a while ago, and the drive posted some insanely-good performance, even nipping at the heels of the datacenter-oriented Intel DC P3700. The drive should be capable of up to 2,600 MB/s in sequential reads and 1,600 MB/s in sequential writes, and has a massive endurance rating of 592 TBW. Toshiba also offers a five-year warranty on these drives, too.

And now for the big reveal! Hold your horses, dear gerbils, you all know that we need a countdown. Today, we'll have an easy one: we'll count down from the number of passes done by Kobe Bryant. Done already? Great job. Today we have a community award, and the winner is... chuckula! Officially, the man has collected the most upvotes in the front-page comments. Unofficially, we picked you because you're very "smart" in a particular way—but we'll obviously deny this statement in court. Congratulations chuckula. You're certainly not the hero we need, but perhaps the one we deserve. No, Krogoth, we're not impressed enough to give you that label.

Let's offer a round of applause to Toshiba for the prizes it sent us from its storage division. The company's taken the OCZ branding and is making very good use of it, at least as far as we're concerned. Please go ahead and follow its Twitter feed, and hit Like on its Facebook profile.

Don't forget to sign up for the remaining random draws in TR's 12 days of giveaways. TR Santa still has goodies to deliver over the next few weeks, and you still have good chances. We'll have another giveaway tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can gaze at an item that may or may not be up for grabs:

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