GeForce drivers hotfix 376.48 finally furnishes folding fix

Stanford University's Folding@Home client has been broken on GeForces since the release of the 373.06 drivers back on October 6, forcing fans of the distributed computing project to stick to older driver versions. Nvidia just issued GeForce hotfix driver 376.48 to address that problem. The driver set includes a workaround to fix the Folding@Home client, although it doesn't explain exactly what was causing the issue.

Besides the folding fix, the new driver should resolve "random flashes" in Just Cause 3, graphic corruption in Wargame: Red Dragon, and a couple of issues with Battlefield 1. Since this is a hotfix release, GeForce Experience won't offer to install it. Users should hit up Nvidia's website for the download. By the way, did you know TR has its own folding team?

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