Phoronix compares 31 graphics cards' OpenGL chops in Linux

Michael Larabel over at Phoronix keeps plugging away at testing the performance of PC hardware under Linux, and he's presented the open-source community with quite a holiday present: a comparison of OpenGL gaming performance of 31 different AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. In almost all cases, the Nvidia cards deliver superior performance to their standard AMD adversaries,

For a scene with so much red, it didn't seem to run very well on AMD graphics hardware

We must note that testing was performed with open-source AMD and proprietary Nvidia drivers. Had the Nvidia cards been tested with the open-source Nouveau driver, the results likely would have been different. All told, Michael tested using twelve games plus Unigine Heaven and Phoronix's in-house Linux graphics performance benchmarking tool.

Games tested run the gamut from popular e-sports title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and recent AAA-title Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to the more obscure Xonotic. The test rig was based around an Intel Xeon E3-1280v5 four-core CPU based on the Skylake architecture running at 4 GHz. This comparison was strictly OpenGL—no Vulkan testing was included. Despite the overall Nvidia sweep, the results are complicated and quite application-specific. If you want to play TuxRacer on your GeForce or Radeon, take the time and check out the results.

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