HandBrake reaches version 1.0.0 after 13 years of development

The HandBrake project has reached version 1.0.0 after 13 years in development. Originally started as a convenient DVD ripping software for BeOS, the project has grown in recent years to become one of the foremost video transcoding software packages. The new version comes 14 months after the 0.10 release, and includes over 1700 individual source commits added since then.

Naturally, the 1.0.0 release comes complete with a bevy of bugfixes and new features. The biggest items on the list are probably support for Google's VP9 video codec, hardware-accelerated HEVC encoding on Intel Skylake and newer processors, and a complete overhaul of the default presets. Handbrake 1.0 also adds the Opus audio codec to its support list, well as 10- and 12-bit video with the appropriate codecs. The full changelog can be found on GitHub.

HandBrake's documentation also received a much-needed rework. While the new docs are still a work in progress (the project blog refers to them as beta), they're meant to be less technical and easier to read. The new documentation includes step-by-step guides for common tasks to make it easier for new users to get started with video transcoding. Grab the new release at the official HandBrake website.

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