Phanteks and MSI team up to offer front-panel USB Type-C ports

USB Type-C is, in the eyes of many, the future for computer peripheral and device connectivity. The port's high potential bandwidth and power delivery mean that it can handle just about anything one might want to throw at it, from video and audio to fast disks and quick-charging batteries. Despite this, motherboard and case makers have been slow to take up the cause of One Port To Rule Them All—at least as far as desktop PC cases are concerned. MSI and Phanteks have teamed up to kickstart that cause, and they've introduced a motherboard and case with support for front-panel USB 3.1 Type-C ports.

The front panel pictured above will first appear on Phanteks' Enthoo Elite case, and will be compatible with MSI's Gaming M7 motherboard. Presumably, MSI will be adding the front-panel connector to future motherboard models. There's no word yet on whether the front-panel connector is an industry standard or MSI's own design, though.

Given how competitive motherboard and case manufacturers tend to be, this partnership has the potential to trigger a flood of USB Type-C ports in PC chassis everywhere.

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