Raijintek Metis Plus is a colorful take on a Mini-ITX chassis

Case manufacturer Raijintek first launched its Metis Mini-ITX chassis towards the end of 2014. The company has now unveiled the Raijintek Metis Plus, an updated and modernized version of the original chassis. Being a Mini-ITX case, the Metis Plus is designed for small motherboards, but can still accommodate fairly large CPU coolers and full-size ATX power supplies. One side panel is ventilated with stamped holes and the other side has an acrylic window, for a glimpse at the system within.

The Metis Plus can accommodate CPU coolers as tall as 6.3" (or 16 cm). For reference, the popular Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo measures that exact height. Buyers with large graphics cards need to be a little careful, since maximum card length is restricted to 6.7" (17 cm).

The Metis is a little more generous when it comes to storage devices, though. The revised chassis can fit four 2.5" drives and a big old 3.5" device, or a pair each of 2.5" and 3.5" drives. The chassis has the same 120-mm rear-mount fan as the original Metis, but the new model also adds a mount for a second 120-mm spinner on the top panel. The front panel sports audio jacks and a pair of USB 3.0 Type-A ports.

Raijintek plans to offer the Metis Plus in seven colors. The company didn't reveal a release date or pricing for the new chassis, but the Metis Classic goes for $50 to $60 at Newegg, depending on the color choice. We don't t expect a significant difference in price once the Metis Plus starts shipping.

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