Samsung teases CH711 quantum dot monitor ahead of CES

Samsung might have had a stumble on the phone arena, but the company is looking to lead the way in the high-end monitor market. We first heard about the CF791 ultra-wide gaming monitor back in August. Now that that display has hit the market, Samsung is talking up its next big thing: the CH711, which the company describes as a a 2560x1440 curved gaming monitor with quantum dot technology.

Those characteristics make the CH711 appear to be a 16:9 version of the CF791. Samsung doesn't say anything about the panel type, but it states that the new monitor boasts 178° viewing angles, suggesting that it may use a PLS or VA panel, again in a similar fashion to the CF971. There's also no word on the monitor's refresh rate or variable refresh support, but since the CF791 has Freesync support and a 100Hz refresh rate, it's possible that the new display is similar in those regards.

We'll probably learn more about the new display at CES, where Samsung is going to be showing it off along with the CF791 and the ultra-low-persistence CFG70. Samsung says the CH711 will be available in 27" and 31.5" varieties early next year.

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